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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"School is about dealing with certainties. Life is about the ability to handle the maximal amount of uncertainty."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Writing Prompt

Why Do We Love Watching Animal Videos So Much?

Conversation Starter

You have to relive one day of your life forever. Which day do you choose?

Joke of the Day

Long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon.

Fun Fact

There are turtle tunnels in Japan to save them from being run over by trains.

History Fact

Some say that Mansa Musa, king of Timbuktu, was the world’s wealthiest man as his wealth was apparently too great to count.

However, Augustus’s staggering wealth could be measured.

Weird Laws


If a bull or ram over the age of one year runs rampant for more than three days, any person may castrate the animal without assuming liability for damage.

Food Thing

Cream Cheese and Neufchâtel

Annual U.S. production: 914.8 million pounds

Cream cheese, which has been around in Europe since the 1500s and in America since the mid-1700s, is best-known as the ideal partner for bagels, but has many other uses as well. In the U.S., it needs to be at least 33 percent milk fat and have a moisture content of no more than 55 percent.

Neufchâtel, on the other hand, is a soft, mold-ripened cheese made in the Neufchâtel-en-Bray, French region of Normandy. In 1872, when a man named William Lawrence bought a Neufchâtel factory in New York and added cream, he turned the oldest French cheese into something strictly American.

Movie/TV Trivia

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

Charlie Hunnam had lost 20 pounds for the last season of Sons of Anarchy (2008). During auditions, director Guy Ritchie was very bothered by his look, though he liked his performance, and asked him four times during the process about his poor physique. Hunnam said that when Ritchie brought up the fourth time, he told Ritchie, "Look, dude, you keep bringing this up, the physicality. It's obviously your primary concern. So if you want to do away with all this auditioning bollocks, I'll fucking fight those other two dudes. I know who they are. You can bring them both in here. I'll fight them both. The one who walks out the door gets the job." Hunnam won the role.

Movie/TV Quote

"I feel the need - the need for speed!"

Top Gun, 1986

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