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Weight Gain

Weight Gain

How do you deal with weight gain? Do you go on the next crash diet? Do you look for diets? Do you look for nutritional information? Do you look more towards the food pyramid instead? Do you search for the reason as to why you gained weight in the first place? Have you struggled with your weight for a while? What is the ‘perfect’ weight to you? Is there a specific way that you would like to look? Do you like to clothes shop? Do you find that it is easy to look for new clothes for you body? Do you gain or loose weight often enough for you to keep a wide selection of different sized clothing for you? Do you hang on to clothes that you know you will most likely not fit into in the future? Are you a yo-yo dieter? Are you a secrete eater? Do you know how to eat properly? Do you remember that you are on a diet or are you more on auto pilot and end up eating what ever it is that you want? How are is it for you to loose your weight? Are you happy being the bigger size? Do you find that you spend more money on groceries when you are hungry? When you do purchase food, how much money is spent on snacks and junk food versus fresh produce? Are you a cereal snacker? Do you go out to pick up snacks often? How often do you treat yourself?

Weight gain can happen to any one at any time. Have your found that you have losses, gained or stayed the same weight?

How often do you exercise? Do you see value in exercise? Do you make exercise a priority? Are you someone who needs to exercise outside the home or in the home? Do you need a gym membership to help you exercise? How important is exercise really?

I have heard that it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. How true do you think that is?

Do you think that it is more about mind tricks to get you not to eat certain foods or that it is more about changing your mindset about weight? What type of tricks do you do to make sure that you do not eat the way that you do not want to do? How often do you eat? Do you think that you need to have 3 meals a day, with or without snacks?

How often do you go to the grocery store? How often do you buy food? Do you make a purchase every day like coffee, lunch or snacks? Do you lie about what you have eaten on a day to day basis? Are you aware of what you are eating everyday? Do you keep a food diary? Do you keep track of the food you eat and the amount of exercise that you day?

How do you really deal with the weight that you have on your body?

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