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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

My first impressions of this movie is that it shouldn’t have been made. If Will Farrell hadn’t written it, it wouldn’t have been made. This is a very stereotypical movie for Will Farrell, it is a shame that he hasn’t furthered his career by playing more diverse characters. My solution is that Will Farrell should retire has an actor and a screen play writer. Rachel McAdams hasn’t done anything for a while, and I don’t think she will again for along while either. Both were able to carry on the accent in a good way which is rather impressive.

The movie is about a reality show contest about making the next sing pop idol in Iceland. Who know that these shows still existed, people still cared about but still seems to soon to be making fun of how awful they were and worse, the impact that they made on our society. Will Farrell’s character is so focused on getting on the reality show to then win and be the next idol that the world wants that he is missing out on what is happening in real life, missing out that Rachel McAdams character wants him for some unknow reason. The dubbing for Rachel McAdams was done well, if it happens to be Rachel McAdams singing then good for her but I am almost positive that it isn’t. I do enjoy the singer or I guess Rachel McAdams voice especially with the ending song. By a miracle the characters who shouldn’t have won are able to progress to the next level of the show due to an unfortunate accident.

The movie is very cliché and really isn’t a story that you have heard before which in part is part of the reason why I say this movie is a definitely a pass. The stereotypes that the movie relies on leaves much to be desired but will most likely be extremely offensive in a few years from now. Of course it does have a happy ending but there is nothing that really stands out for me in this movie. Maybe I am just not that into spoof movies at the end of the day. Will Farrell does do well in spoof movies and possibly that is all he is good for these days. Will Farrell is really showing his age as well as Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams however looks younger. Edward Norton has a very surprising and welcome appearance in the movie. He was a great comedy relief for the show, he is a great host for any show.

Ultimately it was a good waste of time at the end of the day. I got exactly what I would expected out of a Will Farrell movie. I did leave feeling good after it, it was uplifting which I guess is kind of the point. I guess at the end of the movie I did like how they were back at the pub in their small town doing their songs right where they started.

Would I suggest you go see it? No, there is lots of other, better things to watch!

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