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The Transformers Franchise

Having recently viewing the Transformers series in its entirety I must say that yes, it was worth the time spent but have to wonder if the money that was spent making them was. I did help the franchise make money by purchasing movie tickets as well as the Blu ray discs but well maybe the joke is ultimately on me for watching them.

The movies progressively get slightly longer then the previous one and with some casting changes, the franchise does have a name to continue being produced. I hope there isn’t another one although I have been thoroughly entertained for the last few years with the releases. The movies have one thing going for them and that is that it has been more about the Transformers, transforming rather then the cast. It is something to keep the audience entertained for over 2 hours. I feel the first few the cast was quirky but served their purpose, I think that they become more series as time goes on.

Despite going to watch the next movie if there is another one in the franchise, I don’t think I will go to the theater to view it. I will purchase the movie due to having all of them on disc to complete my collection, but is that all that it is, a collection?

I do have own or wish to own any of the merchandise of the movie but merchandise is something else that this franchise has produced. The movies and the merchandise seen to be for two different crowds of people. I do hope that there was a cartoon that did come out of this for the younger crowd. I think that clothes, posters and bags can go for anyone but the actual toys of the Transformers transforming is more of a toy for children. Did you ever dress up as a Transformer for Halloween or a comic con? There is always collector items but do they really transform?

One of the Transformers that were used in the first film, it was the car version not the repot was build in the small town close to where I live. It was neat to see it being ‘rolled out’. This ‘car’ now appears at comic cons through out the city. I have always wondered how much money it takes to keep something like that in such pristine condition. I hope that it pays for itself in the end.

Transformers is worth a watch at the end of the day if that is what you are interested in but I do not hope that the franchise is something that will continue in the future. After the five movies and the additional one I hope that the franchise is no more. I do hope that the cartoons continue to get made and the merchandise is there for the appropriate audiences.

I haven’t seen of the cartoons despite being slightly interested in them. For now I will just continue to view the movies!

What are you a decepticon or an autoboot?

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