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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying."

Oscar Wilde

Writing Prompt

How Do You Get Your News?

Conversation Starter

Who’s your favourite comedian?

Joke of the Day

He wears glasses during math because it improves division.

Fun Fact

In 2017 more people were killed from injuries caused by taking a selfie than by shark attacks.

There was only 5 deaths due to shark attacks in 2017, which is lower than the average year.

The average amount of deaths caused by sharks is 6.

Worldwide, there was 35 deaths caused by taking selfies in 2017.

History Fact

A Japanese fighter pilot once dropped wreaths over the ocean to commemorate the dead from both sides.

e in Pacific Ocean during December 1940, two Royal Navy ships, the HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse were sunk by Japanese fighters.

The following day, Japanese Flight Lieutenant Haruki Iki flew to the location of the battle and dropped two wreaths over the seas.

One to commemorate the pilots of the Japanese Naval Air Force, who died. The other for the sailors of the British Navy, who fought so valiantly to defend their ships.

Weird Laws


In America's Dairyland, many different kinds of state-certified cheeses, like Muenster, cheddar, Colby, and Monterey Jack, must be "highly pleasing."

Food Thing

Hilbilly Queso at Torchy's in Austin, Texas

Queso gets a makeover at this beloved Austin taco chain. The Hillbilly Queso is accented with chorizo and green chiles for a huge hit of flavor.

The dish boasts just the right amount of kick and is perfect for chip-dipping or taco-drizzling.

Movie/TV Trivia


In an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly', Christopher Nolan explained that he based roles of the Inception team similar to roles that are used in filmmaking - Cobb is the Director, Arthur is the Producer, Ariadne is the Production Designer, Eames is the Actor, Saito is the Studio, and Fischer is the Audience. "In trying to write a team-based creative process, I wrote the one I know," said Nolan.

Movie/TV Quote

"They call it a Royale with cheese."

Pulp Fiction, 1994

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