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Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim has been out for a few years. I took the time to watch both of the again. The first one came out in 2013 and I don’t think that they anticipated for it to have a sequel but it did in 2018. The sequel did end with the potential of having a third. Do I think there will be a third one? No, and I don’t think that there should be a third one.

What I enjoyed about the first one was that there wasn’t any real love story that happened. There was a male and female lead but there was no romantic relationship between them. There could have been but there wasn’t. I rather enjoyed how at the end instead of there being a kiss with the leads there was a head node to show their appreciation for each other being alive. Not every action movie needs to have a love story in it. This is something that doesn’t really happen all to much in today’s world of movies. The action sequences were great and there really wasn’t anything left to be desired for an action flick about aliens for another dimension coming to earth to destroy.

With the sequel I like how they continued on with the story with how the alien’s remnants still laying around. Some places did recover from the tragedy that happened but not everywhere. How the hero’s son didn’t care to continue to the legacy that his father left behind but ultimately came back to save the day. I like how they brought in the younger generation to help fight the big fight at the end of the day. Doom and gloom is always coming after a huge tragedy right? The fight scenes were great and well thought out.

The action scenes were great especially for giant robots but somehow fail when compared to Transformers although better then Reel Steel. There is a story to them which is nice, going to see the Jaeger fights were brilliantly edited and I think will stand the test time of time with graphics. I did go to see this movie for the Jaeger fights like I think most people did and thankfully was surprised about how much of a story there really was.

I was kind of hoping that the second Pacific Rim would help kick start John Boyega’s career beyond Star Wars franchise but I don’t think it has. The cast of the second movie was not as start studded as the first one but still have a few decent celebrities in it. Not everyone in these movies have gone far past these movies but some have like Rinko Kirkuchi, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman. I am sure that we will see what has to come of these actors in years to come.

Would I go to the movie theatre again to see these movies? I don’t think so. I will although continue to watch them over the years to come at my home theatre with pleasure. Do I recommend Pacific Rim? Yes.

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