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Real Steel

In the not so distant future where you can fight robots that are live size are there are legal and underground leagues, it does leave hope for what will become for robotics. Boxing doesn’t seem to be something that does not seem safe but with robots, it is something else.

We do have robot fighting leagues now but it is not like it is in this movie.

If you do not know what Real Steel is, it is a movie where Hugh Jackman character Charlie Kenton is an ex pro boxer who has turned into a somewhat pro robot boxer. His character does have a pretty good story arc. Ultimately, I think that without the son character the movie wouldn’t be as cute as it is. I have to wonder how much if any Hugh Jackman put into boxing training or if he already knew a few things from his wolverine movies. I do like how the sun is the one who is the true winner and not the adult. Due to just playing the video games is able to get the robots to work and mixed with the dad’s boxing skill it will be able to work out for them in the end. Kids really actually know the best how technology works and is the best. I wish I was a kid at times growing up with today's technology so I could get to know how to better it in the future. To play boot leg video games and to know how to speak a new language would be fantastic.

Real Steel is a family more for adults but can be viewed by children as well. Robots are something different but I do like the futuristic type movies with robots as entertainment versus taking over the world. It is a real people’s champion type of movie, the underdog for the win.

Having robots fight in foxing style is new and I do enjoy how it works in the movie. I would like to have this movie become true in the world. I have no interesting in going in seeing a match in the future, but you never know. It is something that is great.

The fights of the robots are more on the realistic side versus all fantastic for the fantastic the world is. How much did the actual robots cost to build to really just be broken down in the end? Sometimes with movies it sometimes is something I would not want to be in the production or props teams, just to see what you have created to just be distorted for a scene in a movie. Yes, that is your job and that scene will look epic but ultimately it’s a lot of work for something to be created then broken.

I am happy that Real Steel did not get a second movie but a similar movie would be great although there are movies that are very similar to it already exist like Transformers, Pacific Rim and I, Robot. I do hope that Real Steel stands the test of time.

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