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Fe@rless is a movie that is on Netflix that is a cartoon meant for kids mainly but fun for the whole family. It is about a video game that becomes real. A kid is finishing up playing a video game, his science project partner to comes over to work on their project when the video game becomes real him and his project partner need to help the actually babies that come out of the video games. With getting the babies back to safety and to their dad the young man completes the video game. The 2 kids at the end of the movie are able to go out on a date after getting an A on their science project which they ended up doing while getting the babies back to safety without even realizing that they were getting the project done and completing the mission of the video game. The parents of the kids are no where to be seen during the movie which is ok as they are not necessary to the plot line.

There is a lot of cartoon logic in this movie which is easy to ignore while the movie is going on due to it’s entertaining nature. The movie is quick paced, easy to follow and I would recommend to every family. I would say in a broader sense that it has a Jumanji sense to it with the game aspect that becomes real.

The movie does have a lesson to be learned which is to be fearless. There is a video game aspect to the movie but I wouldn’t say it is a negative factor on the movie at all. I would say that it is also a test of character to see what you are able to do and well yes succeed as you are doing it! You will discovery things that you were not able to do before!

I didn’t recognize any voice actors in the movie which could hurt its success but those who did lend their voices in the making of the movie did a wonderful job. The animation was fantastic. I look forward to see what else this animation studio will bring out next!

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