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A Quiet Place

After much consideration, I broke down and finally watch A Quiet Place. It really is a quiet place. I do enjoy that there was little to no music and that they were quiet. It made the ambiance of the movie to be exactly what you would want it to be in this movie.

I do like how the ‘aliens’ really did look foreign and better then what I expect from the movie. Usually when you are trying to get something to look foreign, new and not of this world it is hard to produce and to actually hard to make look real but it is something that I think they accomplished. Well done to the animators in making it look fantastic.

Working with kids can be hard but they didn’t have any lines which probably helped with the production. The kids worked well and really honestly looked like they could be siblings. I enjoyed that they worked it in to have the daughter be mostly deaf so the family already knew how to use sign language and that the hearing aid helped in killing the ‘aliens’.

The lighting that they had on the farm was well done as well. I wouldn’t want to know how to farm the land without making any sound though, that would be to back breaking for me but what else would you do in this situation? The paint that they had on the floor of the house to make where you could and not step was a brilliant idea as well but I feel would need to be changed as time went on.

I wonder what was worse with filming this movie, the laughs that they would have that ruined the takes or the heavy breathing.

I am not usually into horror movies but I do look forward in the anticipation of the second one due to come out next year.

It must have been fun for the lead actors who are married in real life to be playing a married couple in the movie. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt did a really good job. I wonder if Emily Blunt was really pregnant in this movie, but I like how they really didn’t show how the baby was being born. I do like how they ended up dealing with the baby in the box with oxygen so the ‘aliens’ did not hear it.

John Krasinski wrote, directed and stared in this movie and he did a wonderful job. I do look forward in see what he does with the sequel and in the future with other movies.

The suspense of the movie was great! As someone who doesn’t really go out of her way to see this type of movie I am quiet impressed with how it turned out. I do think I would watch the movie again just far enough in the future where I do not remember what has happened. I do not think I was scared or jumped at any of the action and I think part of that was that there was no music trying to tell me what and how to feel.

Would I suggest watching this move? Yes. Would I suggest watching the sequel when it comes out? I would and wait with anticipation with you.

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