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Charlie's Angels

I have recently watched Charlies Angels again. By this I mean that I have watched the 2 reboots made in the early 2000’s and the one that has come out in 2019.

The reboot in 2019 was made by Elizabeth Banks who also stared in the movie as Boz. Did this movie need to get made let alone the sequel to the one made in 2000? Nope, not at all. Although this one being newer with the advancements being down with technology it was nice to see that they were making a weapon out of something that is supposed to be eco friendly.

The concept of women working for a secret service is realistic but the women who they get to play the parts are not. I do not think women who are very thin and are twig like could bring down a guy with security all by themselves. They would certainly need lots of weapons to do so. Yes, women can bring the big bad guy to justice but maybe not in the field.

I bet that Patrick Stewart playing the bad guy in the 2019 version was a nice change for him after all these years playing the good guy. Kristen Stewarts performance was astonishing, to bad it was in a bad movie, but hopefully she will get another chance to show off her newfound acting skills in a few movie movies which are coming up. This is Naomi Scott’s second block buster of the year and new comanager Ella Balinska does a good job in this movie and I look forward to see what she can do in the future.

Charlies Angels and Charles Angels: Full Throttle were definitely movies of the early 2000’s but do not seem as edgy as they would have them and have some parts which do not work now. I wonder what Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diez and Lucy Liu think of the new movie that has come out. At least they got to do 2 of them where Kristin Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott will most likely be able to do only one.

Am I interested or will I ever see the TV show of the late 70’s? No nor am I interested. It is most likely filled with reference that I do not understand and would find offensive now. TV and movies do change over time for a very good reason. This type of show I do not think would work now. I think that yes sex sells but would most likely come off as some sort of soft-core porn now and would most likely not age well.

Both reboots (the one in the early 2000’s and in 2019) did not need to happen. Have I watched all of them and watched them recently yes. Will I watch them again? Maybe the 2019 reboot in a few years from now but I don’t think that I will watch the other ones any time soon.

Do I suggest watching the 2019 reboot? Sure, if nothing else is on and you want to see Kristen Stewarts newfound acting skills then yes go for it!

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