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Ocean's 8

This movie has a star-studded cast and is a new edition to the Ocean’s franchise. With this one it is a bit different that it is an all female cast, but they do happen to make it all work. Did this movie need to be made? Nope, but here it is. They did do a gentle node to the previous movies which was nice.

The movie is more of a jewelry heist more then it is a Ocean’s movie. The plot wasn’t as in depth as the other ones but it did get the job done. I don’t believe that we need to reboot every franchise and that there needs to be a role reversal for all of them.

I do think that there was the perfect choice for characters like Sarah Paulson as the board housewife and Rihanna as the hacker. I think that Helena Bonham Carter can pull off any costume or dress you put her in no matter how outrageous it may be. I do enjoy how they put Elliott Gould made an appearance as well.

The heist takes place on the night of the Met Gala which is already a high-profile evening which I guess is why it was the perfect night to pull it off. Although I do find it hard to believe that you would hire new staff every year to work on this one night which is a big deal, you would think that there would be staff who would come back every year to work the event. Having a new staff member that is one of the eight people is pulling off the heist and is a major plot point in the movie is kind of unrealistic. You would need to have the most elite staff working the night and not just a new person. Yes this isn’t supposed to be a realistic movie by any means but this is one of a few plot holes in the movie. Another plot hole is how they set up the guy who took the fall for the crime. How can you be sure that you are choosing the right jacket to put the jewelry into? How could you be gone for so long that you could go into his closet and actually put the jewelry in the jacket?

I did however enjoy how the jewelry got out of the museum, all 7 of the ladies wore a piece of it as they left the building. They all wore it out but it wasn’t as if it was all a bracelet. It didn’t make sense that say Rihanna’s character Nine Ball needed to be in the building or even had or needed a dress but it made for a great shot for all the ladies as they came down the stair case. Same goes for Awkwafina’s character Constance, she didn’t need to be in a dress, where did the dress come from? But the ending shot was good.

Would I recommend this movie to others to watch? No but if you are watching Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve anyways why not just watch it once.

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