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The Island

The future is July 28, 2019. To bad that was last year and we are not even close to living in a world where we can get a clone of ourselves as an insurance policy. The movie does paint a pretty picture of what could happen and hopefully something I will see in my lifetime despite not being able to afford it.

The concept of the movie is that in the future we are able to create a clone of ourselves so if we get injured or need a surrogate we have a clone of ourselves to get the items that we need and no longer need to be pregnant. It is an insurance policy that we have so we really don’t ever need to die. Lincoln Six Echo played by Ewan McGregor plays the guy who questions everything and discovers the truth that he is an insurance product waiting to die despite being an atominis being. I guess you could also say he becomes conscious of his situation. The environment where he lives is a lie where he is waiting to go to ‘The Island’. Everything is controlled at this facility from what he eats, wears and the activities that he does.

Lincoln and Jordan end up escaping the facility where they are being kept until needed. They end up finding Lincoln’s insurer. When the facility finds the two Lincolns, the clone is able to convince them that he is the real one and the actual Lincoln ends up dying. The 2 find out that due to them escaping that all clones in the same product line are going to be terminated due to having a defect where they end of evolving to have the same memories as the insurance holder. Lincoln and Jordan end up going back to the facility to save their friends. They save their friends in the facility and the bag guy (the creator of this project) of course played by Sean Bean dies in an epic battle with Lincoln.

He ends up meeting Jordan Two Delta played by Scarlett Johansson who is soon set to go to The Island but is able to discovery the truth and has the time to save her just in time. When he goes to save her those who are running the facility realize this and try to capture them.

I do enjoy Ethan Phillips character in the movie where he is the conspiracy theorist who has numerous theories about who is and isn’t going to the island. He is does a great job of it plus I do enjoy him as an actor.

This is the firs thing that Ewan McGregor did after finishing Star Wars. I think that it was a wise choice for him to do another sci-fi movie to help transition him into other roles.

Overall, the idea of having an insurance product like this is a really good idea and something that I would be interested in but know that I most likely would never be able to afford it.

Would I suggest this movie? Yes, severely times yes. It is a classic movie in my opinion that I will continue to watch in the future as I have in the past.

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