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Onward is the newest movie from Pixar and it is by far the greatest let down from Pixar yet.

It is more modern and plays to geek culture by the main characters playing out a Dungeons and Dragons game to get what they want.

The concept of the movie is very classic Disney by you miss the actual journey and what you really wanted and are only focused on the end goal which usually turns out to be something unexpected. It isn’t until the character takes a moment of utmost destitute that they realize that they have gotten what they wanted this entire time.

They had a pet dragon which I thought looked to much like Mushu from Mulan but it was cute to have an idea where there is a pet dragon.

The concept of the movie is that they life in a fantasy land and the main characters, brothers, are elves and their mom is dating the cop who is a centaur. The idea is that magic used to exist but was forgotten about due to modern technology and that it wasn’t easy for everyone to use. The boys receive a magical staff from their father who passed away when the youngest is still in the womb. They want to bring their father back for a day but are only able to bring back is legs, so they spend the entire day trying to bring the rest of him back for only the father to be brought back for a few minutes and only the older brother being able to meet him again.

The real story is about how the 2 brothers go on this epic journey to make their father whole but ultimately become close with each other. There is hope that the two of them can become better brothers in the future and have a better life together. The brothers are at opposite ends of the spectrum where the older one is nerdy and only wants to play his fantasy game where the younger one is very neurotic. They do have their differences, but they do get to the end goal together. They both seem to get what they originally wanted at the end.

It is a very cute classic Disney Pixar movie. Would I suggest this movie? Absolutely not. I new that I wasn’t going to like it or be impressed with it right from when the trailer first came out and the movie didn’t disappoint. I will most likely never watch this movie ever again. I was hoping so much that because it was Pixar and I tend to re-watch Pixar movies so much that I would have been impressed with this movie so much and that my assumptions would have been so off from it that I would be able be taken with this movie but I wasn’t. To me this movie was a black mark for Pixar and should have just been made a Disney movie. I do have hope for Pixar’s next movie!

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