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Rocketman is the bioautographic movie about Elton John which he help produce. The movie is fantastic and would highly suggest that you watch it.

The movie is about the rise of Elton John, about how he forgot who he was, Reggie Dewight and became Elton John. Elton John overcame drugs, alcohol, sex and bulimia to become the more mega star that he is today. He played the piano while his friend Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics. One thing that gets said quite often through out the movie is that the two still to this day have not had an argument. I think that is doubtful but is plausible. I do hope that they do continue to make music together as a team.

Taron Egerton who plays Elton John has worked with Elton before in the second Kingsman movie and if Elton John had a hand pick who played him well, I think he did a good job. Taron does play the party really well and good that they got to know each other before this happened. I think that the 2 do make a good duo.

Overall, I do think that the movie is fantastic, I thing I wish that they focused more on was on Eltons bulimia. I didn’t know that Elton wanted to comment suicide, but it does seem something that a lot of people want in life who abuse drugs and alcohol. They just want to feel something, anything.

I think that it is very cliché that all singers and rock stars have to much sex, drugs and alcohol but what would we have if they didn’t do it right?

I think that most musicians now write their own music and play an instrument of some kind but that is not true for everyone. Elton John really had a knack for the piano. He could hear the music. He had a good memory and a ear for recognising the notes to the piano. You could really mimic anything that he heard.

The movie depicts that he had issues with his parents, that neither his parents really wanted him, it was more just what you did at the time. His father started over and had a new family and really enjoyed the kids that he had with his second wife and did a better job at child rearing. His mother really made things about herself by thinking that Elton should stop doing things due to it making her look bad. I don’t think times have changed really at all in that regard. I do think that the sins of the parents do get visited upon the child but the sins of the child to reflect on the parents parenting techniques. Elton didn’t really make it big until he was in his early 20’s and by that time he was already on his own for some time, it was more the choices he made that made him look bad not what his parents did.

Would I recommend this movie? 100 times over yes.

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