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The Girl on the Train

After reading the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins I decided to watch the movie. I decided that read the book after watching the movie a couple of times and enjoyed it.

There isn’t to many difference between the book and the movie, as an adaption the movie is pretty awesome. Some of the subtle differences between the book and the movie is that in the movie the house were Rachel lived in is number 23 not 13. Rachel is suppose to be ugly and chubby, another difference is that Rachel’s roommate is more understanding and more involved in helping Rachel quite alcohol. The book takes place in London England where in the movie it takes place in New York.

Some of the events in the book take place a lot later in the book and are not as told out but more implied then they are played out in the movie. But to tell a story properly you need to be very in depth with your story telling and can’t necessarily have the viewer ‘read between the lines’ as they say.

Books are always better then the movies but I am the band wagon reader and like to read books after I see the movie just to compare. Sometimes I read the book before I see the movie but that is more rare now that I am older.

Emily Blunt plays the perfect drunk. She definitely has a good range of acting skill that she can do. She is quite talented. I certainly have viewed a lot of her movies over the years. I wonder if she could do a TV show.

The title of this book and movie really refers to that what we perceive on our way to and from work can sometimes all we need to really put a few things together to solve some mysteries that we have.

The concept of the story is that Rachel is a drunk after she realizes that she can’t get pregnant and that’s all that her husband wants is a baby. Her husband starts to have an affair. Rachel and Tom get a divorce and Tom marries Anna, the girl who is having an affair with. Tom and Anna have a daughter together. Down the street live Megan and Scott. Megan babysits Tom and Anna’s daughter for a short period of time. Tom and Megan start to have an affair together. Megan gets pregnant, tells Tom then suddenly disappears without a trace.

Rachel starts to piece together what happened to Megan. Becomes close to Scott but really can’t remember a whole lot theses days due to being black out drunk majority of the time. Rachel, starts to take steps into becoming sober but soon realizes that she does remembers what happens this one night when she was drunk. She essentially wakes up one morning at home with a bloody sore on her back and a voice mail from Tom wanted her to leave him and Anna alone.

Anna, starts to put some things on her own as well separately from Rachel's influence.

Ultimately Rachel and Anna come together at the end to let Tom know that they know what happened between him and Megan and that they are aware that he had something to do with her disappearance and well frankly her death. Due to an altercation that happened Tom dies and it ends with Rachel and Anna at the police station ready to give their statements.

Would I recommend this movie and book? Yes. I would of course suggest that you read the book first but they are completely similar that you wouldn’t miss a thing if you just watch the movie.

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