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The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow is a movie that came out in 2004 and it was an instant hit. I remember the buzz about this movie when it came out. It also had a star-studded cast at the time for this movie.

The concept of the movie is that a big sheet of ice came loose from the Antarctic causing the next big ice age. A paleoclimatologist who was studying the ice in the artic when the ice broke off comes to Washington DC to talk about how this is going to affect climate change as well know it.

The paleoclimatologist played by Dennis Quaid, has a son who is in New York for a school event when the climate change happens. The story is essentially how Dennis Quaid travels to New York from Washington to save his son and his son going from a boy to a man in the middle of all this climate change.

The climate (which is extreme) in New York goes from a massive flood to snow where Jake Gyllenhaal (the son) is stuck in the New York Public Library relies on burning books to keep warm. This is most likely Jake Gyllenhaal’s last movie where he was able to play a child which is ironic as he was 24 playing a 17-year-old in this movie, such a baby face.

Of course, the father gets to his son by the end of the movie and you see that they are not the only ones in New York who get saved from the snow! Everything does work out!

This movie is something that could potentially happen one day but hopefully not to all this extreme within a short period of time and something that I will not have to endure. But it doesn’t depict a somewhat realistic version of events that could happen in the future with all the climate change that is really happening. Climate change does happen at both extreme’s though, it could be astronomically cold and freeze over in a place that shouldn’t but it could also be a massive heat wave in a place that is not use to all the warm.

I think that the movie does portray what could happen if people do get stuck together and what they have to do to try and stay alive. We are all in this together so might as well stick together. Of course in the movie they do have that moment where they discuss that they think that they are in the eye of the storm and they need to do something about it which only leads to more action and conflict in the movie which yes of course they do escape.

One of the things I find is more movie logic make things heated in the moment is when Jake Gyllenhaal is going out of the library to investigate the building next door for food, he climbs out the winder of the library into the other building and he isn’t wearing any mittens. If it is that cold out where everything has frozen and that quickly then all skin would most likely be frost bitten or freeze to the building.

Would I suggest this movie? Yes. I wouldn’t watch it to often but as a movie that depicts climate change, I do think it does it quiet accurately. For a movie that game out 16 years ago, it has stood up quiet nicely.

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