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The Nanny Diaries

The Nanny Diaries came out in 2007 so it is not a new movie by any means but I am feeling a little bit retro today and decided to watch it. The movie stars Scarlett Johanssan, Laura Linney and Chris Evans. I think that this is the first movie that Scarlett Johanssan and Chris Evans were in together. It’s hard to think that the two of them were in a movie together other then the Marvel cinematic universe.

The movie essentially is about a college graduate, Annie, is looking for a job, has a chance run in, in Central Park with a child to only end up being that child’s nanny. The movie is kind of told as an anthropologic point of view or rather field research of the upper class. At first things are difficult with the child but once they get used to each other they end up liking each other. The parents are upper class society members who live on 5th Avenue in New York. The parents don’t have time to be with the kid, hence the nanny. It is almost like they just had a kid to have a kid. Of course, there is some drama between the parents like a fake pregnancy and the husband having an affair. The pregnancy is to make the husband stay and to ignore the affairs that have and will continue to happen, it is an eager attempt to make them stop which ultimately fails. The entire ‘affaire’ is rather cliché of high society but I guess the stereotypes do have to come from somewhere.

Annie isn’t sure what she wants to be doing with her life at the moment and is thinking that she will only be the nanny for a couple of months and she will figure what who she is and what she want’s to be doing in her life as she is being a nanny. She gets exposed to what life is like on the upper east side and it something else for sure. Ultimately, she does end up finding herself she gets fired from being the nanny.

There is a forbidden love story who tries to help her out with finding herself but really is just the heart throb of the building.

The movie is based on a book that I have no intention of reading but most likely enjoy reading it.

I remember this moving being somewhat big when it came out but not getting all of the attention that it really deserved. It is funny that Scarlett Johanssan was the main drive to come see the movie and Chris Evans is really still unknown at that time and he is just the secondary character to Scarlett’s movie. Now with Captain America Chris Evans is why you would go to see the movie and Scarlett is the secondary character to his movie. It is funny for sure. I am happy that they both have great careers now and both can carry a movie on their own.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. It isn’t something that I would watch every day but it is something that I will keep in mind to watch again in the future, potentially more frequently now that I remember that it exists!

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