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The new Mulan movie is something to watch for sure. It is the same movie that came in 1998 but has much improvements. The new version does not have the music that a classic cartoon has and there is no real animal friends. Well there is an animal that becomes her friend and a phoenix that guides Mulan on her journey.

The live action one has more in-depth into what the story really is. Essentially the story of Mulan is that an enemy is coming and that one man from every family must fight for China to defend the country. Mulan is from a family where there are no sons to go fight for China so her father must fight. In the night Mulan takes her fathers armour and sword and fights her China. Training is hard for both her and the battalion that she is in. Ultimately, Mulan reveals that she knows what she is doing when it comes to battling (where in the cartoon she learns how to fight from having zero experience).

On the battalion first encounter with the enemy she devises a plan and saves the battalion. Ultimately Mulan is able to rescue the emperor and saves China from the enemy. She brings honour to her country and her family. The story is about honour which is does show quite well. Mulan goes from what she supposed to be as a women in the society where she is going from not being able to be matched with a partner to being the one person who has saved her country and brings honour to her family and to her country. Mulan is a true heroin.

The second cartoon Mulan movie came out in 2004 and I think was a straight to DVD release. Thankfully straight to DVD movies have gone to the wayside. I guess there is only digital releases like the new live action Mulan but it is funny how times of changed since I was a kid. I remember seeing the first Mulan in theatres with my friends. It was nice, I have fond memories of this. When the second one came out, I was working at a retailer and got to see the second Mulan movie play on repeat as I worked. I will most likely see this newest Mulan a few more times. I hope that the merchandise does well. It is a great story, and one where the heroin doesn’t need a man to help to complete the mission.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Yes. I understand why they wanted to wait to release the movie but I don’t think that they will be getting as much money as they would have hoped for. It does seems like they have paid a lot to create the movie which does make it amazing, it doesn’t have a real well known cast but it works. I hope that they will put it in theatres when theatres are open and are in full swing. Seeing this movie on the big screen is something that I would be interested in doing.

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