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The Haunting

The Haunting came out in 1999 and had a start studded cast for the time that it came out. Some of the actors include, Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Own Wilson and Lili Taylor.

The premise of the is that a doctor played by Liam Neeson gets a small group of people together thinking that they are participating in an insomniac study when it is really a study about fear. The study is suppose to take place over a course of a few weeks but gets cut short. The place where it is taking place is Hill House. If anyone is familiar with what Hill House then you know it is a horror movie. The movie is 20 years old now but even at the time I didn’t mind it to be scary at all, maybe a thriller, it is definitely not a campy movie nor is it trying to be.

In this rendition of the story of Hill House is that it is a piece of fiction meant to draw fear out of the subjects for the study. The story is about a man named Hugh Crane who had the most beautiful wife and how they wanted to have a family but all the babies died at birth. One day the wife pass way suicide and the towns people thought that Mr. Crane lead her to it. After her passing Mr. Cane kept building the house for the children that he would never have. After Mr. Crane has passed away the towns people say that they can hear children calling out from the house every night which is why non of the towns people go near the house at night in the dark. The voices of children could be the children which Mr. Crane kidnapped from the mills. He wanted to fill the house with children and he did. They kids are crying out to be let go, to go home but he wouldn’t let them go. They start to manifest things that are happening in the house but you can just justify what has happened with it being an old house. The things happen to be true, the story is real, Mr. Cranes wife ran away with the child that was alive and one of the subjects just so happens to be the great grandchild to Hugh Crane which is why the house calls to her. To save the others this subject stays at the house.

One-night things go terrible wrong. At the house that night it was just the doctor and the three subjects participating in the study. Two of the subjects end up dying and the last subject and the doctor make it till morning walking down the lane way to the care taker and his wife at the front gates.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Sure if you are into horror/thriller movies. I have always and will continue to come back to it in the future. It always becomes less scary each time I do watch it.

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