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Flightplan came out in 2005 staring Jodie Foster. The movie is essentially about a woman is flying from Berlin to New York. She is a palpation engineer is taking her daughter and husband who has passed away back home.

While on the plan there is a few rows that are empty Jodie Foster, Kyle Pratt, tells her daughter to stretch out on the back seat. After falling asleep she wakes up and can’t find her daughter. She gets the plan under a short lock down so they can find her daughter. As the movie progresses you keep finding out more details they say that her daughter was not on the plan and died at the same time that her husband did. The conspiracy that they have going on is really far fetched but is some what convincing. Her daughter is alive and is sleeping in the wing of the aircraft. She was kidnapped while both of them were sleeping. The daughter is alright and was sleeping the whole time and there was no harm to her. Kyle Pratt spends the duration of the movie trying to prove that her daughter is alive by looking for her. Working for an aircraft company she ends up knowing everything there is to know about them so she knows what to do when to get the plan on lock down.

The air marsh and the one stewardess is making the one responsible for the entire scheme. The air marshal is really the brains of the operation. He figured out how to get dynamite in the coffin of Kyle Pratts husband. the air marshal ends up going to the pilot as they are decanting that the dynamite is on the plane and needs money in a certain account or she will blow up the plane. Kyle is able to figure it out at the last minute that it is the air marshal that she has to contend with to make sure she gets her daughter back in one piece. After some really intense moments she is able to figure out where her daughter is and gets her. The air marshal tries to stop her but being in aviation she is able to save her and her daughter but kills the air marshal.

Once out of the plane with her daughter in her arms all of the other passengers give gasps that she actually has a daughter and no one would believe that it. People gave their silent apologies and if have to wonder if and how many parents would go to the same extent that they would go to prove that they had a child as well. The movie does her a happy ending at the end.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, it wasn’t that popular when it came out but it is a certainly a movie that I have come back to and watched a few times over. It is a movie that you don’t need to watch on a regular or more then once but it is worth a watch.

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