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Wreck It Ralph 1 & 2

Wreck-it Ralph is a really good franchise. There is only two of them but I wouldn’t want there to be a third. The merchandise for this movie must have fantastic. I would think that there might have been a candy that came out for a short period of time or maybe even a lot of body pillows. I am not into the movies to get any of it but it is always nice to see.

The first one came out in 2012 and the second in 2018. The cast is quite studded with John C. Reilly as Ralph and Sarah Silverman. Alan Tudyk made it into both movies but as two different characters and the second one had Gal Gadot. Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch thank fully as well came back to reprise their rools as Felix and Calhoun.

The first Wreck-It Ralph is about Ralph who is part of the game ‘Fit-It Felix Jr.’ and is the bad guy. Although he is a bad guy he really isn’t a bad guy. He goes a journey to get a medal to prove to his game that he is not just a bad guy and ends up helping Vanellope von Schweetzs who is from the game ‘Sugar Rush’. Together they are an unlikely pair but end up helping each other out in two different ways and become lifelong friends. They both have units in the same arcade together. Ralph causes the problem that needs to be fixed and gets Vanellope to help him fix it while he fixed Vanellope’s problem with her game. The tag line of this movie is ‘going Turbo’ as one of the characters from the game Turbo crossed over and took over ‘Sugar Rush’ as his came was being unplugged, leaving all the characters to parish. Turbo didn’t want to go away so found away to survive and ultimately got caught.

In the second Wreck-It Ralph movie called Ralph breaks the internet, Ralph and Vanellope go into the internet to get a new steering wheel for Vanellope’s game so her game doesn’t get unplugged. As they travel through the internet to get the money for what they need Venellope finds a new game called ‘Slaughter Race’. In this game there are to steal Shanks car (Shank being voiced by Gal Gadot) when Shank figures it out and gets her car back. Vanellope wants to stay in this game instead of going back to her own game as all the races have an element of the unexpected which is what she wants most. She ends up staying there with her code being put into ‘Slaughter Race’. The two remain friends although not in the same arcade anymore.

Both ending with a very good message of friendship. That friendships change over time and that is ok. You can still be friends even though you are not like what you were before.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. I believe that it is a good family favourite movie for everyone to enjoy.

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