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Music & Lyrics

Music and Lyrics came out in 2007 staring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

The movie is about Alex Fletcher a pop star from the 1980’s has lost his career and has resorted to working at theme parks and hotel ballrooms. The new pop sensation of today is Cora Corman. She needs a new single and is asking a whole bunch of has been from the 1980’s to help her out. Alex Fletcher wants Cora to pick his song so he can restart his career into something that isn’t performing at theme parks. Drew Barrymore is the temporary plant waterer for Alex Fletcher she is come in and his able to spout out some lyrics to a song that needs to be written. Soon there after Sophie finds herself for the next four days trying to write a song for Cora. They end of having some success with some of the lyrics and end up writing a song.

During the course of writing the song they end up hitting a lot of writer’s block where they always end up going out and about to try and fix it. One time they go out Sophie realizes that her old literary profession has published a book but about her. She has the chance to tell me off about what he did but she can’t and Alex does help her out in this situation. She eventually gets over it.

At the concert where the song is set to go out for the first time there is a blunder where Sophie doesn’t think she is getting credit for the song but she does. Sophie and Alex go on to write a few more top charting songs. Both have careers now that were better then before.

Sophie and Alex get together in the end. It is a true romantic comedy. It is a feel-good movie for sure.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. I enjoyed it when it came out to the point where I just had to get a picture of the movie poster to but on my wall. It is a nice movie to come back to every now and again.

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