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The first Cube movie came out in 1997 with a cast that was mainly unknown at that time. The second Cube movie came out in 2002 called Cube 2 Hypercube. The second movie didn’t need to come out but it is and there is nothing we can do about it now. A thriller is a thriller at the end of the day and it does give some pretty good scares and bring some worry about whether or not they will survive. Both movies are about an hour and a half which is all you really need to have for a thriller movie. The characters are some what related to each other in some fashion of knowledge of this cube structure existing but didn’t do anything about it. At the end of the day they must rely on each other to get out.

What it is about is that a bunch of people are stuck in a cube. They don’t know how they got there are really understand why they are there but they just are. They decide that they need to leave and devise a plan to get out of the cube by going to each one. Some of the cubes have traps in them that make you kill you, some just let you go free. Of course, with any thriller like this there is one person who knows that they are doing and devise a plan to get them out but not all the people who are in this group survive. At the end of the first one person ends up surviving. The idea is simple and is a cheap way of making a movie as there isn’t to many sets or costume changes that need to be done.

The second movie had a few well-known stars in that I recognize but not really any a-list celebrity status. The traps in these cubes seem more futurist and not so much medieval like the first one. There is a lot of unreal ism with it as well. At some point the group gets broken up into a few small teams that need to find a way out together. There is also minor nudity in this movie, not that it matters but it is there. There is a lot more people in this one who are trying to get out then the original which only adds in more conflict. The personalities of each person do come out. I would say that the first one did it better on trying figure out how to get out and to survive being there where the second one it was more about the challenges of each cube. Only one person survived this cube as well except this one is called ‘the device. She ultimately gets shot for knowing that it exists.

Would I recommend these movies? Well the first one that’s for sure, I do like some thrillers myself. As for the second one I wouldn’t be so sure as I was warned before I viewed it that the first one was better and the second one was just dumb. I thought they both had some good merit and worth a watch a guess just the one time.

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