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Air Force One

Air Force One was released in 1997 where Harrison Ford plays the president of the United States. The cast had other stars in it to like Gary Oldman, William H. Macy, Wendy Crewson and Glenn Close playing the vice president. It is great that even in 1997 they had a woman play the vice president.

The presidents plan, Air Force One. Gets hijacked. The president is able to escape his captures and is able to take back is plane by the end of the movie. The hijackers have a mole within the White House to help them get on the plan. Their cover at first is that they are a film crew trying ot make a documentary on the president. Part of wanting the president dead they want to have a friend of theirs released from prison. Their friend, as he is walking out of the jail gets shot and doesn’t make it out alive.

The movie is non stop action to get to the end where the plan is loosing engines and they need to get the president and his family off of the plane. The hijackers all die by the end of the movie. When Harrison Ford is about to kill the last hijacker he has the classic line of ‘get off of my plan’ and the guy gets off but the parachute that he has on kills him. The mole is found out by the president, at the last minute. It is a fighting to see who gets off of the plane first before the plane crashes into the water. The president obviously wins and gets off the plan but it is a fun scene to watch.

I remember watching this movie as a child with my family and it was fantastic. I have found memories of this movie. Another reason why I enjoy this movie is that the girl who plays the presidents daughter is Liesel Mattews is in the WB version of A Little Princes which I cannot stop putting on repeat! It was nice to see that she was in another movie. The part about her role in the movie is that she is supposed to be playing a 12-year-old and she doesn’t look like it. She was 13 when the movie came out and I think she looks older for her age and looks like she is 14 but I think that she was still a good choice at the end of the day.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. 100 times over, yes. To me it is a classic movie that will always come back. Yes to a certain extent that if you remember how the movie goes it does suck but it is still fun to watch regardless. I think that this movie should be on everyone’s must see list. It is a great movie to watch on Father’s Day with your family or least be on the list of movies to watch while you are doing a Harrison Ford movie marathon!

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