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Blade Runner

Blade Runner was made in 1982 based off of a book called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick. The sequel to the Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049. You do not need to watch the original to watch the sequel. I enjoy both movies. I think that the first has a lot of scenes that are really unnecessary but it is all for the character development right?

The concept of the movies are that we made robots that we use to colonise other planets. The robots look so human like you really wouldn’t know if they were human or not. The robots revolted. Due to the revolt these robots are now illegal on earth. We create a special police squad made of these robots to hunt the others down. They are told to kill them on sight but they call it retirement versus murder. The special police squad is call Blade Runners.

The movie follows this one Blade Runner (in each movie it follows one blade runner) who really discover what they are and they are given quite the origin story.

The first blade runner movie take place in the far distance future of November 2019 and clearly the second movie takes place in 2049. I hope that we are some how close to the idea of these types of robots in 2049 then what we were in 2019.

I do like science fiction movies and this one did not fail at all. I would watch the movie again and I am sure that I will pick up more in it then I have this time. I kind of think that this is a never-ending story type of story. I hope that I get a chance to read at one point but I know that it is something I may be looking to do in the future.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. I do think that it is a movie that all people will like. I don’t think that it is a cult classic but I do understand what people were saying about this movie before. If you have a chance watch it. Harrison Ford is the blade runner in the first one and does make an appearance in the second one but the second one is more of a Ryan Gosling. They are both really good actors, watch the movies even if it is really just for them.

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