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Sex Drive

Sex Drive came out in 2008 and is about a guy who drives across a few states to have sex with a girl that he has met on the internet. This guy is a high school student who is still a virgin. The trip involves two of his friends. One is a girl and the other is a boy. They run into some troubles on the way there like the car breaks down and some Amish men help them fix the car. They are able to get back on the road. When they finally get there, they run into more troubles. When he finally gets to see her, he soon figures out that she just lured him to get his car which he steals from his older brother.

The brother realizes that he stole his car and takes his motor cross bike to take him down.

One friend who is a girl, Felicia, stows away in the back seat. She is able to use her cell phone to help them out.

The people who catfished the guy, Ian, end up going to jail in the end. Ian ultimately ends up loosing his virginity to Felicia. They are friends turned lovers. The movie ends with Ian getting everything that he wanted. Of course it has a feel good ending!

I ended up watching the extended uncut version of the movie. It has a lot of extra items added to the movie, like extra nudity, added nudity and fart sounds. Did it help the movie out? No not really but for a movie that is about having a sex drive I guess it does fit right in.

It is a classic high school angst. It is very cliché as I feel that all high school movies tend to have very similar themes.

Would I recommend this movie? No. I really only watched it for James Marsden who plays Ian’s brother, Rex. I am not really into high schools movie and it could just because high school was a long time ago for me. I am happy I watched it but I most likely will never again.

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