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The Walk

The Walk came out in 2015 and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays Phillippe Petit who is man in 1974 who walked across ‘the wire’ between the twin towers in New York. It is based on a true story of events that have actually happened. Yes, of course some of the characters have been embellished a little bit but a real person named Phillippe Petit actually walked across the twin towers back in 1975. The actually man did get arrested but was sentenced to do another walk in Central Park just a few feet off of the ground which he was happy to do.

The movie concept is really simple, essentially the movie is about Phillippe Petit, how he got started in tight rope walking and how he got the dream to walk between the towers to ultimately doing it. He took a lot of help from his friends to be able to do it. He is a French man who saw an ad in the news paper reporting on how that these towers were being building New York and they were going to be the tallest buildings in the world. He knew that he had to do.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to learn how to tight rope walk for this movie. According to a WIRED interview that he had, the real Phillippe Petit taught how to tight rope walk. The highest he got off the ground was 12 ft which is essentially a bride height. He isn’t sure if he could do it now but it was something that ne did know at one point how to do. I love how actors will take their role seriously enough where they will learn to do what needs to be done and not use a double to do it or fancy camera tricks to do it. I can understand not being sure if he could still do it especially at 12ft off of the ground but it is still awesome that he knows how to do it.

The cast of this movie isn’t very large but it really doesn’t need to be. The cast is just mainly Phillippe Petit and his companions who have helped him get the rope set up in the first place. There is a few more minor roles but not a whole lot.

The walk that he does across the twin towers is of course a very tense moment that you know will happen successfully (as it is based on actual events) but it is still interesting to watch How they got the wire across was actually a big ordeal to actually do but it was made the movie that much more intense. It was all about will he or wont he walk across the cable.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Yes. I was actually really happy with his movie. I did enjoy it. I will most likely watch the movie again, just when the initial angst of it all has worn off a bit. Go watch this movie and if it is once.

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