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Bill & Ted Face the Music

This is the 2020 sequel to Bill & Ted Excellent Adventures that came out 1989 and 1991. The movie stars Keanue Reeves as Ted and Alex Winter as Bill.

The movie is about how Bill & Ted’s band Wyld Stallyns did quite well but now that it is several years later after their big break they swore to have the best song out in the world but they haven’t come up with it yet. The band is now unemployed and still living with their parents for really 25 years. The band was supposed to unite humanity for all time or else the earth and everyone on it will die.

Both Keanue and Alex are really showing their age in this movie. They are doing really well as actors and can understand why they would want to come back to these characters. Kristen Schaal is in the movie as well. She is showing her age as well but she has lost some weight and has longer, darker hair in this movie which I find suits her well.

Bill & Ted have a child of their own, girls named Thea and Billie which are exactly like them in the original movies. They are in love with her dad’s music and want only success for their fathers.

The movie does have the same pot line then the two movies. They go to the future rather then going to the past so they can get the song that they need to save the world. Their daughters end up going to the past to try and help their father. The time travel loops always come to a closure at the end of each movie which is very nice. As well Bill & Ted’s wives also have to do some time travelling to the future to see how horrible their lives are with them. The movie is equally spent for Bill & Ted’s and their daughters time travelling equally.

Bill & Ted as well their daughters end up in hell and they need to find a way out so they can save the world with their music. Bill & Ted’s adventure is more about the song that the need to save the world where their daughters journey was more about getting musician’s to help out with the music. They need to ask death to help them out.

Ultimately they need to get all of their self’s to get the instruments to everyone to play the music to save the world and of course they do it all in the nic of time. It really wasn’t about the song but that everyone was playing it at the same time.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, why not, especially if you have seen the other two movies. I have only scene the other two moves in the last year and thought they were alright. I understand why I wasn’t allowed to watch these movies as a child but I am happy that I finally have now. It is a good movie that is fun for all ages. My only suggestion would be not to have a fourth movie!

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