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Transcendence came out in 2014 staring Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany to name a few.

The movie is about transferring your conscience into the network so you will never die. If you can get your conscience out then you could potentially live for ever.

Johnny Depp’s character, Will Caster, dies but his girl friend and good friend are able to help get ‘uploaded’ or get transcended into a computer. Will Caster soon is able to control and anticipate more then ever thought he could being uploaded. He is able to have so much data at any time and is something that shouldn’t be allowed to be in existence. The girl, Evelyn Caster played by Rebecca Hall was on Will’s side but now when she realizes what she has done, regrets ever wanting and helping this from happening. In my opinion I would have liked to have the Evelyn Caster character played by Scarlett Johansson but Rebecca Hall does a fine job as well.

Of course not everyone agrees wit what has happened and want to know more about it and shut it down but being transcended he is able to be a few steps a head then everyone else. They are able to upload a virus to the system so that way he crashes. But they don’t think that he crashed, he just took himself and Evelyn to place where they could be together forever. Before he left, he was trying to upload all of these nanites to make everything better. Turns out he was able to do and no one believed him or wanted it to happen. Will is able to make himself a real body again at the end of the movie as well as take control of other humans. But in turn, he gives it all up.

I have seen the movie before this viewing but I can’t remember just when I did see it but it was definitely really well done. I will watch the movie again for sure.

Would I recommend this movie? I guess so. For a science fiction movie it is alright. It is also something that I think might happen in the future.

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