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Mother! Came out in 2017. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer and Brian Gleeson. I believe the movie is trying to be a thriller or a horror movie but I don’t believe it hit its mark.

I find the movie to be very confusing and not to have a lot of substance.

Essentially the movie is a man played by Ed Harris is a die-hard fan of Javier Bardem’s character who is a writer. Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence characters live in an old home in the middle of no where. This man comes in the middle of the night Javier Bardem doesn’t find it fitting to send him home in the middle of the night. The next day the man’s wife, played by Michelle Pfeiffer arrives. The next the sons arrive. The sons get into an altercation and one of the sons end up dying. That night all of the man’s family arrives to have a memorial for the son that has passed.

Jennifer Lawrence’s character can’t take all of the people who are all of sudden in the home. The husband keeps saying that they have no where to go so what is he supposed to do? The truth is, is that it isn’t your problem. Yes, you are supposed to send them out, it doesn’t matter if you or they know where they are going, it isn’t your problem. When you are in a relationship and one-person isn’t comfortable with something and you don’t, you support them and you kick them out.

While all of the family is there, the family is getting on Jennifer Lawernce’s nerves, but they all think that it is her and not them. they keep pushing her buttons and destroying their house. The judgment that comes from the wife of the man who first arrived is right on point. She just can’t understand why Jennifer Lawrence’s character is acting this way. They needed some place to stay and a place to morn but all she can do is be moody and want them gone despite the fact that her and her husband are imposing on them in their home and yes they could go and be some where else where she isn’t. Jennifer Lawrence’s husband is just being to understand and can’t see that they are being imposing and causing more work for Jennifer Lawrence to do.

The hard part to believe of this movie is that when there is shots of the house from outside, there isn’t any roads to the house or vehicles, so how all the people end up coming and finding the house is just weird. What makes it weirder is that really the next day there is no sign of them.

The couple get pregnant, and the husband finishes his book. Soon the book gets printed and a crowd and paparazzi show up, more just seen to arrive as time goes on during the night. Soon due to the husband says that this is everyone that people just invite themselves in and start to loot the house. Where all of these people are coming from is also another mystery but they just keep coming. Soon the police and a swat team arrives and takes everyone down with excessive force. During all of this commotion the baby is born. The crowd of fans who are still there won’t leave and the husband refuses to ask them to go. The fans end up killing the baby as a sacrifice to art. The fans end up eating parts of the baby. Of course Jennifer Lawrence’s character reacts and they start to attack her. Jennifer Lawrence does show a little bit of nudity in this part as well. The husband becomes so deranged that all he can say is that they need to forgive them for killing their baby.

The timing of this movie doesn’t really make sense. I feel that it really does go from zero to sixty in less then a second.

At the end of the movie it turns out that the man is deranged and nothing is enough for him. He takes the girls heart, which then turns into a crystal which he has on his mantel. (This crystal was broken at the first part of the movie wit the unexpected house guests arrive.) The woman is really the house and the process starts all over again for the next time.

Would I recommend this movie? Nope. I didn’t hear about this movie when it came out and I understand why. There is far better movies to be watching.

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