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Colombiana was release in 2011 staring Zoe Saldana, Jordi Molla, Lennie James and Michael Vartan.

Essentially what the movie is about is that a young woman Cataleya witnesses her parents death. She grew up to be an assassin. The FBI wants her for the 23 deaths that she has taken. The last then that they needed of her was her location which they find due to her boyfriend taking a picture other while she was alseep, unknown to her, and he shows it to a friend of his. His friend does a record check of the face and well before you know it the FBI has caught onto this and they start to track her down.

Being an assassin all of her life she is a few steps a head of the FBI. She realizes that the FBI is on to her and ends up going to the FBI guy himself and is able to let him know who is boss really. Ultimately the movie ends with Cataleya being able to escape FBI custody and is one the run, if she wasn’t already. She ends up calling her boyfriend as a finally reminder of her that she is going to take on into the future. She just can’t bring herself to say that she loves me even though she does.

I remember this movie when it first came out. I feel like it was supposed to be a much bigger deal then it was supposed to be. Zoe Saldana is a really tough chick and can pull off this role wonderfully but well it is slightly unbelievable that she would be able to pull of this character in real. She is wonderful in Avatar and in Guardians of the Galaxy but I just don’t know about being a cold blooded assassin since childhood. I look forward in what Zoe Saldana does in the future.

Would I recommend this movie? I think I would pass on it. I was only interested in this movie just because I randomly remembered that it existed and I wanted to see for myself if this movie was really a blockbuster that was good but didn’t get the attention that it deserved. Well I think it got the right amount of attention. It wasn’t horrible but wasn’t overly good either.

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