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A Knight's Tale

A Knights Tale came out in 2001 staring Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, Paul Bettany, and Alan Tudyk.

The movie is about three are traveling when they run into a knight who has passed away. They decide to take the knights armor and to fight in the jousting tournament that is currently happening in the kingdom. After luckily winning the first match they start to train for the next one and on the way to the next one they run to another man. They decide to help him as he is going to help them with the papers of nobility that they need to continue participating in the games.

As the games continue Heath Ledger’s character William Thatcher is falling rapidly in love with the princess. Near the end of the movie the princess asks for William to loose to show his lover for her and he does despite not wanting to in the beginning. It is an endless between between love and death of a princess.

You see may see Mr. Thatcher really isn’t a true knight. He was born poor, his father sold him into slavery as a child. When the games bring him back to London, he goes and visits his dad where he learns that he is blind. They have a wonderful dinner together that one evening. When he visited his dad he was followed by another knight who sells him out to the kingdom. It is decided that he shall go to the gallows for pretending to be someone that he is not. The king lets him go as an act of kindness and makes up a story for his nobility and knights him so he can fight.

The last battle that he has it is against his enemy. And yes of course Mr. Thatcher wins without wearing his armour and gets the girl at the end of the movie!

The movie is very much of its time in 2001 with the soundtrack as well as with the references that it has in it. I don’t think that they took much into historic fact but well it did pull in the crowds. I remember that this movie was really big for its time. Health Ledger was at the height of his heart throb status. The movie is old enough for me to have had it growing up as a VHS. It was most likely released at as a DVD at the same time but for some reason we still only had it on VHS. I enjoyed this movie when it came out and I would like to continue watching it. It wasn’t a movie that I had watched recently which is why I wanted to watch it now. The movie for the time is a little over two hours long which I think is unheard of the time.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. It is a good movie of the ages. I would suggest it to all of those who have and haven’t watched it to watch it again. It is a great Health Ledger movie that I think everyone will like.

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