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Burlesque came out in 2010 staring Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eric Dane, Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci.

The movie is essentially about how Ali needs to get out of her small town and movies to LA where she is looking for a job where she sees a burlesque club and she gets herself a job as a waitress then she gets herself on stage.

Marcus played by Eric Dane is a real estate developer and wants the burlesque club. He is not clear with why or what he wants to d with the night club just that he wants it. Tess the club’s owner doesn’t want to sell and is very clear on it that she doesn’t want to see it to him.

Ali played by Christina Aguilera gets herself on the stage and singing all the songs which brings more money into the club. She has everyone’s attention even the ones she shouldn’t have and has captivated the audience. One person who isn’t happy to have her around is Nikki who tries to sabotage her every chance that she gets. Ali is given the chance to audition due to one of the girls becoming pregnant and she needs to be replaced. Ali loves it when she has become one of the girls in the club.

Tess owns the bar with her ex husband and there is two mortgages on the club and they are about to default on them. The best thing that they should be doing is selling to Marcus like the husband wants but Tess just wont sell, she has to much faith in the club.

Ali needs a ride home from the club and Marcus overhears it so offers her a ride. He takes her back to his place for a bit to have a party that he is having. While she is there he mentions that part of the reason that he has so much money and has such a really great view at his apartment is that he has this thing called ‘air rights’. Essentially what he means is that no one call build a tower blocking his view of the city. Ali remembers this and is able to give this idea to Tess. Tess uses this to purchase the air rights to across the way being able to get the money and to save her club. This small little detail comes into the movie in the middle of the film that you are supposed to forget as it comes in at the last minute of the film to just save, they day.

Ali also sees some troubles along her way. She has a fight with her roommate to being his lover to being kicked out once his finance arrives back so they can break up. When she runs back into her new potential lover Marcus that she remembers that he has a model of the real estate that is going to buy and that there is a condo building across the street whose views would be blocked if Marcus got it the property.

At the end of the night Ali gets everything that she wants and Tess gets to save her club. It is really a feel good movie with lots of good catchy music!

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, as a movie that has lots of music in, a musical I guess in some ways it is really good. I would suggest it and I find myself listening the soundtrack often. I do like how they got a singer to be the main role. Christina Aguilera is a powerhouse and is able to pull off quite well.

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