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Aquaman came out in 2018 staring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson and Nicole Kidman. It is the next installment in the DC universe. In my opinion it is one of the better DC movies out there especially of the last few years.

The action in the movie gets started right away. The story is essentially that Aquaman’s mother comes to the shore from the sea, something that her kind isn’t supposed to do. She falls in love with her rescuer and has a child with him named Arthur. Arthur grows up with his mother telling him stories of Atlantis, his homeland. His mother does die early on in the movie rescuing Arthur’s and Arthur’s dad. Arthur soon must go on a quest to safe Atlantis which Arthur’s half brother, Orm, is threatening war between the underwater world and the land world. Arthur’s mother is the queen of Atlantis and left due to the war that was going to happen. She knew that at some point that she would have to go back and people would come looking for her.

Jason Momoa does a very good job playing this part of Arthur, where as I can’t understand why people are casting Nicole Kidman in roles anymore. Nicole Kidman is old, growing out of talent and really isn’t worth the money or the name that she has anymore.

To save the worlds Arthur must find the trident and dethrone Orm. The trident came from the first king of Atlantis. At first Atlantis was above water but there was to much power and Atlantis sank. The people of Atlantis learned to breath and thrive under water and became better for it. The king disappointed with what happened lived the rest of his life in exile.

Through many challenges, trials and tribulations Arthur finds the trident of the king with the help of Mera, a princess of another world undersea. Together they go back to Atlantis to dethrone Orm. As they are going back they find Arthur’s mother Atlanna.

Arthur fights Orm, beats him, shows him mercy and takes the throne of Atlantis. Arthur is now king of Atlantis. All of the Atlantians are in favour of Arthur and stand behind him.

Atlanna goes back to say hello to her husband. Everything ends happy and there is an incredibly positive future now that the threat of war is over.

Now finally Aquaman is no longer the butt of very DC joke. I hope it stays that way. I think that it is funny that it took Jason Momoa to take those jokes go away. I wonder who is going to be the butt of the jokes now.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, I do find that some portions of the movie are a tad boring but I do enjoy it, after all I did go see it twice in theatres. For a DC movie it is really well done. If you have time and are into super hero movies then give Aquaman a try.

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