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Shazam! Came out in 2019 starting Zachary Levi, Mar Strong, Asher Angel, Adam Brody and Jack Dylan Grazer to name a few.

Shazam! Is a part of the DC comic book universe. Shazam isn’t really thought was being part of the Justice League but he is, he got kicked out for lying and died rather

young which may be why you haven’t really heard of him.

The movie is essentially Shazam’s origin story. A champion must be found to be able to keep the seven deadly sins at bay. Different people who get called to be the champion come to this place to see if they are up to the task, one boy gets called but fails the test that he is given. He spends his whole life trying to get back to this place to prove that he is worthy of the power. He ends up coming back to this place realizes that he doesn’t want nor would he be ever be worthy of the power and realises the seven deadly sins and becomes powerful though them.

Soon after a boy named Billy Batson gets called to this place as a champion, as the keeper is about to die he gives all of his power to Billy. Billy is only 14 years old and is in foster car living in a group home. He is new to this group home, one of the other boys who is there who knows all of the things about super heroes. When Billy becomes Shazam he is the first person that he goes to. Together they figure what powers Shazam has and have fun with him being an adult versus a child.

Shazam does doe some super heroes acts but is really just goofing around. Billy and Freddy do have some arguments regarding this, after one particular argument Freddy walks off and then the super villain comes in and starts to fight Shazam. Shazam fights the super villain, Dr. Sivana, once he is able to get away he runs into Freddy and Freddy knows how to help. Shazam/Billy takes off from the super villain once he gets a chance. Dr. Sivana sees Freddy and takes him back to the group home to wait for Shazam.

Once Shazam returns back there is the final epic battle between them which quickly movies from the group home to the winter carnival close by. Shazam gets the idea to share his powers with the other foster kids who live in the foster room who each take out one of the seven deadly sins.

After the seven deadly sins becomes an orb they take it back to the place where Billy got the power to become Shazam. This is where the kids decide where they are going to have their superhero lair. Of course it would take kids to put the seven deadly sins back in their place.

I don’t think that there will be a second movie, especially anytime soon. I hope that there wont be.

Would I recommend this movie to anyone? Yes for a movie that is DC it is wonderful! I really enjoy this movie and I think is somewhat realistic if kids became superhero’s as well! Go see the movie if you haven’t already.

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