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101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians came in 1996, this is a life action remake of the cartoon that came out in 1961. The movie stars Glenn Close as Cruella DeVil, Jeff Daniels as Roger and Joely Richardson as Anita.The story is classic and based on a book on the same name.

The story is essentially about a rich woman who wants to skin dalmatians puppies for their coats and make it into a coat for herself for fashion. Roger and Anita find each other after taking their dalmatians for a walk and both the humans and dalmatians fall in love. The dogs have a litter of puppies and before you know the whole

entire family of puppies are on their own adventure of finding a way back home to their owns with over 90 other puppies to save them form being skinned. The woman who wants the fur is Cruella DeVil, she gets her two hunch man, Jasper and Horace, to get the puppies. The boys loose the puppies so Cruella has to come in and help them find all of the puppies. Ponger and Perdita are the parents of one of the litters that Cruella gets. The dogs do get their litter back but due to there being so many other litters there, there ends up being 101 dalmatians!

The dogs go through quiet an adventure to get back home, they get discovered by police on the way back to town.Once they get brought back to town the only ones who we know that can be identified are Rogers and Anita’s but they decide that they are going to take all of the puppies. In real life as much of a fun it is to have 101 dogs but I don’t think that this would be something that can happen in really life, that is way to many pets to have at one time. I don’t even think, really not at a farm either would be enough space to take care of 101 dogs.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, and not just because I saw this movie when I was a kid and I loved then and I enjoyed the movie as an adult now.

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