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Black Beauty

Black Beauty came out in 1994 starting Docs Keepin Time, Alan Cumming, Sean Bean and David Thewlis to name a few. It also has Andrew Knott who was as in The Secrete Garden which came out the year before. The movie is produced by The WB which I believe was in its hay day back in the 1990’s.

The concept of the movie is about a horse who has a black coat and his journey through life. How he trusted, got betrayed and learned how to trust again. After leaving the farm where he was born he went to the Gordon household where he met Joe, a friend he had made. Next he went to Lord and Lady Wexmire house who mistreated him, expected to much from the horse, wanted them to carry their heads high for fashion and it is unbearable for a horse.

Lady Wexmire is played by Eleanor Bron who played Miss Minchin in the WB version of A Little Princess. The movie also has David Thewlis as Jerry Barker who later plays Reus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise which is also produced by The WB. It seems that The WB has very loyal actors, or has actors that they like to work with.

Beauty then gets sold to a home where horses are put up for rent. After being there for a bit the owner decides to put him up for auction. At this auction he sees Joe but Joe doesn’t see him. Black Beauty does get noticed by a coach man. He loved that job. Soon after waiting in the cold for far to long for some patrons to come out of a party Jerry the coach man needs to move some where warm to beat the flu that has gotten. Black Beauty then gets sold to a driver who does deliveries of heavy flour to others.

As soon as Beauty can no longer do the long trips of the heavy wagons he gets put up for sale again. At this auction he meets Joe again. Joe ends up purchasing Joe. Beauty is now on a farm for the rest of his life and has found is strength and spirit. Beauty spends his time thinking of his friends which he was met while staying at the Gordon house.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, I enjoyed this movie as a child and I will continue to enjoy it as an adult. It’s an older version from my childhood which I find that I will most likely watch again and again.

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