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Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet came out in 2002. It has many different stars such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emma Thompson, Martin Short and Laurie Metcalf. Treasure Planet is a cartoon that has some pretty good graphics that came for it’s time. For example, the map is 3D what seems to be some hand drawn pictures.

The story is about a boy named Jim Hawkinds who hears the story of Treasure Planet as a child and wants the story to be real and to go there himself. As an adult Jim is taking his time trying to find himself. On one of his journeys Jim finds a device, brings it home and opens it. When he opens it, he finds a map to Treasure Planet and is astounded that his childhood fantasy has become real.

Soon there after his mother’s employer and him embark on a journey to go to Treasure Planet. His employer’s employer purchases a crew to take them there. Jim is working on the boat with the cook, which he isn’t found of doing.

After a bit for working with the cook, Jim realizes that the cook is the leader of the crew and is planning a mutiny so he can get all the riches of Treasure Planet himself. The cook does have a soft spot for Jim but he has his own crew to take care of.

Once the ship is at Treasure Planet the boats crew gets all the riches that they can. It comes down to the wire where the cook must make a decision to either get on the boat with all of his riches and float away to a better life or to save Jim. The cook decides to do the right thing and saves Jim. Together they get what they need and get off Treasure Planet forever. They know that they have a secrete that they must keep secrete for generations to come. No one should have this amount to wealth. The movie does end happily ever after as a classic Disney movie should.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, it is a feel-good movie about something that you wish were true as a child but really does come true as an adult. It is a bit of an older movie but definitely is something worth watching that is good for the whole family.

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