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Big Fish

Big Fish came out in 2003 staring Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange and Helena Bonham Carter. It was directed by Tim Burton, with a ‘special appearance’ of Miley Cyrus.

The movie is about how when you are a big fish living in a small pond so you leave your pond to go to the ocean to become the big fish that you are.

Ed Bloom is a big fish that comes from a small pond and knows that he has outgrown his small town so he leaves knowing that he is destined for something bigger. He goes on many different adventures through his life. When his son is born Will Bloom, Ed takes the time to tell his son his life story. The stories are really just tall tales and are very lavish. No one would believe or think that these stories are really have happened. Will hates it and is embarrassed of them and of his father who is telling them.

When Ed becomes sick, Will comes back home to spend time with his father before he dies. Will wants to know his father for who he is and not for these outlandish stories which he has been told about his father his whole life. What he gets is well more outlandish stories but he does in a weird way get to know his father. When his father passes, at the memorial service, all the people from his stories are there. The stories are not 100% true but they all do have some truth to them. Ed really did have a wonderful life. He is a big fish who found a big life and ended up going back into the water where he is meant to be.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. This movie came out when I was still in high school and it really spoke to me, as I am as well a big fish that was meant for something bigger. I have moved to a bigger pond and have made a fantastic life for myself. This movie in my opinion is a story that never ends, you can get more out of it then you originally thought the first time you watched it. It is a movie that really is a big fish!

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