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296th Day of Weighting to be Thin

Weighting to be Thin

Today has been a great day when it comes to eating in a way.  I did have a quick snack before coming into work but I didn’t eat until after 1 pm today, so I did fast which is great, I have drunk more water today but mainly I feel full and I have a snack for my break this evening which I think is the best thing over.

I am more just surprised about how full I feel.  I feel so amazing with it.

It will take a while for me to get used to this feeling I think but I am enjoying it.

I am happy that I just feel full and that I don’t need to worry about anything else. I am happy because I haven’t had a lot to eat so when I make it home for tonight, I can have a nice warm good dinner that is going to fill me up.  I think that I might be the most excited about the fact that I get to have a warm meal more so than anything else.

I do like that I am getting some produce in and my body is feeling better because of it.  I am happy that I ended up getting some broccoli when I was at the market last week.  I don’t think I will ever eat a full head of broccoli but it is nice to have now and again.

One of the things that I like about working at the library is that I am getting my steps in, are there more things that are more important than getting your steps in?  Yes, but it is really exciting to see the confetti go off when I do meet my step requirement for the day. 

One of the things that I don’t like about fitness watches is that they allow people to become so dependent on technology that they don’t listen or not intrude on their body enough to know what it needs. 

For me, I know when I get in around the same step count every day, I do have more energy when I get fewer steps in I do feel a bit restless, and when I get more steps in, like way more then I also feel it.  At the end of the day, I just need to listen to my body more.

What is the lesson that I have learned on my 296th day of weighting to be thin?  Eat produce to stay fuller for longer and stay active.

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