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305 days of Weighting to be thin

Weighting to be thin

It has been a while ride but I have finished all of my snacks and I have had my rather small lunch and I am over stuffed.

I know that in a few hours I will be hungry but by the time I get home for the night I will not be hungry enough to eat anything.  Isn’t hunger weird where you could be overly hungry to the point when you are just not hungry anymore?

I have stayed consistent for the last two days and have made efforts in having a smaller lunch,  I will hopefully be able to keep that going all week.

I do need to start my stretching regime that I have created but have not started for myself.  I do need to be able to work out some but know that my main problem is the types of food that I eat and the amount of food that I eat.

I do need to get off autopilot with food when I am home and make sure that I keep busy so when I do have downtime that I am not always running to the kitchen to eat something.  I don’t always have to be eating.   I do think about food a lot but that doesn’t mean that I do need to act upon my thoughts and to create something to eat.

I still have to remind myself that the reason why I want to be taking the steps to minimize the amount of food that I am eating every day is so that way I can get used to not eating very much throughout the day.   In my opinion, I don’t need to eat that much every single day and by cutting it down will suit me best.  The less I eat the less I will weight and the smaller clothes that I will fit into and the smaller clothes that I fit into the better I will feel about myself and the more socially acceptable I will become.

Not that I need other people’s approval but I do know that I want to look my best always and to put my best foot forward.

I honestly always need to care about what I am doing and how I look and what I am eating.  I think that is the most misunderstood thing that I have, it doesn’t matter what size I am, I am always going to have to care about how much food I am eating, what types of food I am eating and how much exercise I am getting in.

What is the lesson for my 305th day of weighting to be thin?  I always need to care about how much I am eating, what I am eating, and what type of exercise that I am going to do today.

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