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321 Day of Weighting to be thin

Weighting to be Thin

I have successfully kept myself busy today so I haven’t done a lot of eating, but I did have a great and very big breakfast as well which is fantastic as I am still very full of it!

I am excited that I can eat well every single day.  I think the key to today’s success is that I have been able to keep busy, real busy.  I have been able to keep on going and that is what matters.  Distractions and not having idle hands I think is the best thing that I can do.

I do look forward to each day to see how I am doing because each day is a new day with no mistakes in it to try to eat better than the day before.

I tend to find that when I am at home it is way too easy to try to eat and to keep eating but that can’t and isn’t the case right now.  I am excited that today wasn’t that day, I have spent all day at home, and I haven’t eaten that much.

I have gotten some exercise in as well which is something that I am super excited about as well.

I do like it when I have become super productive, and I haven’t needed to be able to put up too much resistance to not eat.

Sometimes I do need to flex this muscle but sometimes I don’t, and it is always appreciated when I don’t have to flex the muscles of overeating and gorging, this is a small step for me, I think.  I am taking little steps in the right direction, I think.  I need to keep reminding myself that I need to celebrate the little victories that I am achieving otherwise I might get discouraged and never want to continue to try and lose weight in general, but the fear is, is that I won't lose enough weight in time for my trip.

The end goal of being able to ride all amusement park rides and riding them with my partner is the clutch thing here that I need to keep in mind.

The lesson learned on my 321st day of weighting to be thin is to keep my hands busy with tasks so that I don’t become idle and want to eat.  Distractions are key!

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