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335 Days of Weighting to be Thin

335 Days of Weighting to be Thin

It is now the end of 2023, and I have not completed my weight loss goal for the year, in fact I have rather unexpectedly gained some weight due to it being the Xmas season.  All that it means is that I have more to lose by the end of next year, this is one of those situations when losing something is a good thing and the more you lose the better and healthier you are!

My weight loss goal for 2024 is to lose 75 pounds.  Other than my health I want to lose weight so I can travel and go on amusement park rides not just in general but to be able to go on them with my partner.

My health is very important, and I need to start taking it more seriously.  I do not want to be on cholesterol or blood pressure medication, and I most certainly do not want to have type 2 diabetes.  In addition, I do not want any sort of heart arrhythmia either.  I would prefer to be able to stay healthy at a smaller weight.

Being a smaller weight would also allow me to wear more of the clothes that I have in my wardrobe, which would be super effective as I have been saving them to wear for the last few years.  The last thing that I want to do, is to donate all of these clothes and then to repurchase them again at the end of the year because I can fit into them.

I am going to incorporate more exercise into my life so that it becomes more of a habit than a task that I need to be going out of my way to do.  I would like to do some stretching, maybe even some yoga so I can read my book and exercise at the same time.

I know that it is a stretch to do 2 tasks at one time, especially at the beginning but to kill 2 birds with 1 stone would be perfect.  This is where I think audiobooks would come in handy so I can really do 2 things at one time, at 100% versus just doing 2 things at 50%.  That way I can do both things equally and I am focusing on my stretches.

I guess I need to stop weighting to be thin and start taking some action daily to be sure that I am helping myself out by at least trying to be thin.

The point that I am trying to make is that I need to stop being so passive and start being more aggressive with my weight loss.  I need to actively make better food choices, exercise, and honestly take better care of myself. 

I guess I can say that I have already been inspired to lose weight but the motivation to do anything about it hasn’t come and that is about to change as I choose me and put myself forward instead of putting food forward.

This completes by 335 day of weighting to be thin.

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