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337 Days of Weighting to be Thin

Sometimes it is hard to remember that I want to be thin or just healthy.

It came to be a struggle to keep in mind that I need to be able to keep my health at the forefront of my mind at all times.  I think that right now it is a struggle but it won't be so strenuous eventually to remember that I want to consume what is best for my health at all times.  I doubt there will ever be a time when I don’t even think about my health.

I take a look at what I am drinking in the morning and it isn’t great.  I take a look at the juice and coffee that I have consumed and I am thinking when are my next cavities going to be coming in. 

Yes, I do crave more than just water but that doesn’t mean I can’t have pop or juice, it just means that it needs to become more of a rarity, a treat if you will. 

Sugar affects the brain in many different ways that you might not even think about.  It has more inhibiting traits than good.  It can affect your mood, (including increasing anxiety & depression) concentration levels, and cognitive function to name a few things.

I would like to stay more level-headed when I am going about my day as well as keep my teeth in decent shape and having a slimer body would be a bonus.  The more water I drink the less cravings will come about I think as well.

Life isn’t all about food or the next pop or coffee that I get, it isn’t about treating yourself with food either.  Life can be about having the time to be able to spend with one another and saving money to be able to go on trips and to be able to do things like hikes, climb mountains, and go on amusement park rides without having to worry that you don’t meet the physical or weight requirements to do so. 

It is nice to think about the idea that what if I was just in good enough shape where I was just able to go and climb a mountain, walk a trail, or run a half marathon despite not wanting ever to be a runner.  It is also nice to think that what if I was of a weight where I didn’t need to think twice about the weight requirements on a ride or whether or not I would fit into a chair comfortably or if purchasing one seat would be good enough for me versus 2 seats to fit my big body. 

This doesn’t have to be a daydream or a fleeting thought, I can put the hard work in to make sure that these things don’t happen to me.  I can work on being thin versus weighting for it to happen to me. 

weighting to be thin

This concludes my 337 day of weighting to be thin.

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