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342 Days of Weighting to be Thin

I am struggling with cravings today.  I need to remember that just because I think of something, it doesn’t mean that I need to eat it.  I also need to keep in mind that just because I have it doesn’t mean that I need to be eating it.

I do like to eat but eating isn’t everything.  I don’t need to be eating all the time and I don’t need to try everything.  Just because I am trying something doesn’t mean that I need to eat the whole serving or sample size that I am given. 

Right now, I am working my way to a second breakfast despite knowing that I don’t and shouldn’t have one, then their lunch and of course because it is Christmas eve, we are going to be having a huge but great dinner.

The holiday season does beg for a lot of food, which does have its ups and downs.  Sometimes I wish that we could just get together and not have any food or there being a pressure to eat a lot of food.

Actions do speak louder than words, but I would have to actively remember what I am doing to then be able to act on the things that I want to be doing, like cutting down on what I am eating and making sure that I am eating the ‘right’ types of food.

I am sure that things will become a lot easier as time goes on and I wont need to actively think and act on the bad eating behaviours that I have now, but it does take a lot of effect right now to know that I do have an eating plan that I want to be complying with.

I need to make a promise to myself to actively make the choice to do better for my health, to be able to make sure that I stay true to my word and take my health seriously.  I need to actively take care of myself so I can stay healthy for the rest of my life.

It is one of those things that action speaks louder than words, but you are as good as your word, if it was a penny for my thoughts but its my 2 cents worth then am I really making any sort of money with this?

At this point, I just need to stop waiting to be thin and weighing to be thin by taking some action. This hereby concludes my 342 days of weighting to be thin!

342 Days to be Thin

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