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344 Days of Weighting to be Thin

Today’s goal is that I need to come to terms with eating my feelings.  Things do happen and I need to know that the result of these things whether they are good or bad should not lead to me eating.  If I want to lose weight and keep any of it off for a longer period then I need to be able to process my feelings without food.  I need to learn to process my emotions without food being a factor or a result of what happened.  When things happen, it might have been an intense moment but that is just it a moment. 

Do you ever find that food has an intricate role when it comes to good or bad things, you always try to fix or reward something with a treat, aka food.  Whenever there are celebrations, food is always there, you come together to have a meal together, but what if we got together and food wasn’t a part of it?

I need to stay focused on the end goal which is my trip to Disneyland.  I would like to be able to ride all of the rides there as well as ride them with my partner.  To do so I need to lose at least 50lbs so I will be able to ride all of their rides without hesitation or question. 

I need to constantly be aware of my weight and that I need and want to change that so I can be able to live a long and healthy life.  I need to get off of autopilot and make sure that I am making the choices to be able to provide a long-lasting life for myself.  If I do not want to be on any sort of medication like cholesterol or blood pressure medication then I need to be making the right decisions now especially if I do not want to be type 2 diabetic.

Fasting is going to be a great way to help me readjust my hunger levels as well.  I just need to keep in mind that I can eat I just need to be eating after 2 pm.  I was intermittent fasting before but the thing was, before I had a term for it, it was just the way that I ate, when I identified it as intermittent fasting, I ended up eating a lot more.

How did I end up gaining all of my weight now?  I just stopped caring and I didn’t hold myself back.  I allowed myself to eat the way that I wanted to eat.  Now I know that is wrong and that I will always have to care for what I am putting into my body but it will become easier as I go alone.  Not only will I be able to be making better food decisions but I will be able to make sure that I am making better decisions to hold off in eating until a later time, so I know that I am not eating my feelings and that I am making the best decision for myself and body.

Weighting to be thin

Today marks by 344th day of weighting to be thin.

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