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5 Junior Books, 1 Adult Fiction & 2 Graphic Novels

I have read a lot I guess this week, but it mainly has been junior fiction.  This is what I have read this week.

Junior Fiction

  1. The Adventures of The Bailey School Kids: Wolfman Don't Hula Dance by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones

  2. Dear Dumb Diaries: Okay So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers by Jim Benton

  3. Dear Dumb Diaries: The Super-Nice are Super-Annoying by Jim Benton

  4. Dear Dumb Diaries: Am I The Princess or The Fog? By Jim Benton

  5. The Baby-Sitters Club: Dawn's Big Move by Ann M. Martin


Adult Fiction

  1. Home Before Dark by Riley Sager


Graphic Novels

  1. Disney Frozen Adventures: Ice and Magic by Alessandro Ferrari

  2. The Red Pyramid by Orpheus Collar & Rick Riordan


I have done some reading but not enough considering what I need to be reading at the end of the day.


I currently have plans to be reading more adult fiction going forward and well, thankfully doing so I will be reading more books on my TBR which is always a great thing.  Another thing with it is that I will be able to donate the books back to the bookstore as well.  These books that I have gotten are in great shape, so they do look brand new despite being second-hand.


I have plans to create a newer, better, and improved vlog process where I am going to be doing more content that is specific and less just random and about the number of books that I have read.


I feel like I have gotten way too into the number of books that I have read and not so much about quality or what I should be reading so I want to be able to get books off of my TBR shelf and to be able to read books that I think are going to improve my memory and attention span as well be making me read at the end of the day.


I enjoy reading and I do enjoy getting new books from the library and the bookstore.  I do feel like I need to take the time to look at Magna versus looking at books from the graphic novel section, especially the junior graphic novel section.  Junior books can be fun but when you are an adult, there are better things for me to read!


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