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6 Books Read This Week

I have read 6 books this week but 2 were graphic novels, 1 was a junior fiction and 3 were more adult fiction but 1 of them was pure satire but it was still good.

Graphic Novels Read

  1. Pizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania by Stephen Shaskan

  2. Pizza and Taco: Rock Out by Stephen Shaskan

Junior Fiction

  1. Robot King by Brian Selznick

Adult Fiction

1. Look Out for the Little Guy! By Scott Lang

  1. What the River Knows by Isabel Ibanez

  2. Darling Girls by Sally Hepworth


I haven’t read as much as I have the past few weeks but that is ok.  I want to read more adult fiction now that I have met my Goodreads goal for the year.


My goal right now is to finish all my Book of the Month books beucase I have gotten a few extra books in the last few months so I would like to get those out of the way, so I don’t need to worry about them.  I am on my last one, which is The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab which I think is going to be a great read and I will update you as the week goes on with what I feel about it!


I have been obsessed with reading lately which is nice because it wasn’t a struggle to read but some of the books that I have read recently have been a bit of a struggle to get through I am not going to lie which means that maybe I should just switch books and then come back to the original book instead of me trying to finish it but sometimes that doesn’t always work out the way that you want it to.


I will most likely not be reading as many graphic novels going forward just as I don’t necessarily need to because the main and pretty much the only reason why I was reading them was that I wanted to get my Goodreads goal as quickly as possible and graphic novels were the easiest way to complete that goal.  I might get some more junior fiction because junior fiction is always fun to read, and it usually has good morals or lessons behind it.


The only thing that matters is that I am making an effort to read every single day and that I am reading at least 1 book ever week.  I am happy that I graduated from reading 1 books a month to reading 1 book a week as it has helped me out a whole bunch!


This is all for me this week and I will keep the updates coming with The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab.



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