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Old came out in 2021 starting Gael Garcia Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rugus Sewell, Alex Wolff, Thomasin McKenzie, Abbey Lee, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Ken Leung. This movie is the latest movie from M. Night. Shyamalan.

The movie is essential about one family who go on vacation, one last family vacation before their parents tell them that their mother has a benign tumor.

The place that they are going on vacation is a tropical one that isn’t well developed, it isn’t to commercialize yet.

The hotel has all their accommodations taken care for them, from the ride to the hotel from the airport to drinks ready for them when they arrive at the hotel to even suggesting that they take a trip to a beach that is really secluded and hard to get to. When the get to the beach, the chauffeur gives them a lot of food, they are not sure why as it seems to much for one day, but they take all the food anyways.

They are at the beach with another family and a couple, when they get to the beach there is already a gentleman already there.

After being on the beach for a short period of time the kids are playing hide and seek. While Trent is hiding, he feels something touch him which makes him scream, and run out of the water to his mom.

It turns out to be a woman that has passed away from being in the water and being in the water. This woman was with the man that was already on the island. This does create a lot of suspicion regarding the man, but no one can prove anything either way.

After deal with the situation with the dead woman the adults go looking for their kids, but the kids have aged. They have gone from being 6 and 11 to being 12 and 16. As the movie progresses everyone ages but you see it in the kids more then the adults. The other child on the beach does age just as quickly as the two kids from the family we are following.

Soon after figuring out that time movies quicker on the beach then anywhere else, 1 hour on the beach equals 2 years of their life, they decide that they need to find a way off the beach. Trent notices that up on the rock wall that it seems like someone is watching them, but he cannot prove it just that someone is watching them.

When starting to question how they found out this island vacation they soon realize that there is something medically wrong with each couple. The tumor for Trent’s mom, ellipse for the woman in the couple, Patricia, and a calcium deficiency Chrystal and Charles is losing his mind for the other family. Prisca said that she saw on the bottom of her receipt when she went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicines for her tumor that there was a sweepstakes and she applied to see if she could win the sweepstakes. As she is putting it together because the vacation was all put together so smoothly from the airport to the resort, she realizes that no one will ever really know that they are missing.

Due to the time changing ever so quickly on the island and through attempts of trying to leave the beach everyone except the main family ends up dying. Guy starts to lose his vision and Prisca starts to lose her hearing. That night they die leaving their two kids, Trent, and Maddox alone on the beach.

The next morning with both kids in their 50’s they discuss what they should do next, should they try and make another attempt to get off the beach? First, they decide that they want to build a sandcastle.

As they are doing so Trent remembers that a boy gives him a puzzle for him to decipher while he is on the beach just because they were friends when they first arrived. Trent runs over to retrieve the note. The boy is at the resort because his father works for his uncle who runs the resort. The note states that his uncles don’t like the coral. It didn’t mean anything to Trent at the time he deciphered it, but it does now. Trent and Maddox go into the water to get to the coral, while they are down in the water, they notice that the coral has a tunnel running through it. They follow it through and can make it back to the mainland.

Just before they make it back to the mainland, the boy’s father who was running a camera looking down at the beach reports back to his brother that the last two have died in the water and he has watched it and he is now going to head back. The uncle is in a lab where you see the drinks being made that were initially given to the adults when they arrived and other experience going on. After the uncle gets everyone’s attention the lead scientist makes a speech that due to the 73rd trial on the beach that they were able to cure Patricia of her epilepsy and that is a good feat because it has lifted a strain off the medical field. To find out that the entire reason why people are being put on the beach is run test to see if certain medications are correct to cure people in the future is absurd to hear about.

The kids are on the mainland, and they approach some people on the beach like a detective who is on vacation and give him a diary of names of people who where in another trial and what happened to them. You hear a small part of that conversation that the detective is having with someone back at the present and that one of the people listed in the diary are listed as being missing.

Trent then gives the note back to the boy at the hotel and thanks him for it as they boy is attempting to reconcile that the boy he met yesterday is now a 50-year-old man.

The movie ends with the two ‘kids’ going back home to go live with their uncle.

Would I recommend this movie? Yeah, I think so, as a thriller it is a good one, I think I would watch it again.


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