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How often do you think that you would like to change jobs? How often do you look at the job market? Do you know what kind of job you would be looking to get if you were to start looking for a new one? S Would you get re-educated if you were to reconsider your current position? How much do you like the current position that you are in?

If you could do anything in the world that you wanted, what would you do? How much do you work now? How much or how little would you like to be working? If you could choose the number of hours that you could work how much would it be?

If you could choose your hours how many hours would that be?

I would like to choose the number of hours that I work. I find that I do have a strong work ethic so the work would get done but I should like to take my time in doing it. I don’t think the timing of the hours should really matter. I find that I am generally up for 16 hours a day and that I can put 8 hours of work when it is most convenient to me, and it is that I want to be doing in my life.

For example, the mornings are so rushed as it is, and everyone is in a rush to get to work at the same time. Why don’t I just start a half hour or a full hour later then everyone else? I wouldn’t be rushed to get out of the house and wouldn’t have to deal with so much traffic on the road. I would be able to eliminate some stress that does happen just from coming into the office everyday.

At the same time, why would I want to be coming into the office on a regular basis either. Why not work from home all day or just part of your day.

I would work in chunks myself. I would work for a few hours and then I would take a few hours break, then work for a few more hours and then take a couple of hours off. I don’t think that work needs to be all at one time in an eight-hour period to be productive in the work force.

I know that I need to be working and I do enjoy working and the benefits that do come from working and having a job.

For me working is all about timing. Having the time to really sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee, to really get out of bed because you are no longer tired and not because you must, to get to work. To go to bed because you are tired and not because you must get up early the next day or to stay up late because you don’t want tomorrow to come and go to work. For me its just the idea that if something happens, I would like the time to comfortable deal with it and to not feel the pressure of having to deal with it in a certain manner to seek someone’s approval.

What does work mean to you?


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